The goal of each state is maintenance of law and order, reliable protection of constitutional rights and liberties of the citizens, their lives and health. Creation of the efficient system for successful implementation of this task requires consolidation of efforts of all law enforcement bodies and agencies, research institutions, industrial enterprises. To my mind that is one of the main goals of the Interpolitex.

V. Kolokoltsev

According to the Decree of the Russian Federation Government № 1606-р of 19 July 2019 the 24th International Homeland Security Exhibition “Interpolitex 2020” will be held in Moscow in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre VDNH, Pavilion 75 from 20 to 23 October 2020.

The largest in Russia homeland security exhibition is the unique exhibition event in Russia in the field of security, having a Federal status and importance is held annually in order to give suppliers and users of up-to-date special technical means and armaments an effective tool for solution of promotional and marketing tasks, market monitoring and bargaining. The results of this work are directly connected with the stock of orders (firstly, state ones) and implementation of a number of Federal Target Programs.

It should be especially underlined that the Russian Federation Government support of the exhibition allows the participants of the exhibition and demonstration events display their military, defence related and special products.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation considers the INTERPOLITEX as the main exhibition held in the interests of the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. The exhibition permits to fulfill the detailed monitoring of new and promising items of armaments and equipment, which will be recommended to add to the arsenal of the law enforcement bodies, gives a rare chance not only for direct contacts between designers, manufacturers and users of special police and military technical equipment, not only for market monitoring, but to conclude new trade deals, establish new contacts and further cooperation with colleagues.

Exposition of International Exhibition of Means for Provision of State Security «Interpolitex - 2020» will be deployed in the territory of All-Russian Exhibition Centre in three halls of exhibition pavilion No. 75 with the total exhibition space exceeding 25000 sq.m. The exhibition concept presents adjusted combination of the specialized interconnected and interactive specialized exhibitions and thematic expositions logically complementing each other and serving a common purpose. 


Exhibition of Police Systems and Equipment


Exhibition of the Federal National Guard Troops Service (the Russian Guard)

зелен.gifExhibition for State Border Protection and Security “BORDER”


Forum of Non-Governmental Security Structures “Safe Capital”

This prestigious forum traditionally attracts attention of the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of special technical equipment and armaments for law enforcement bodies and special units whose tasks are directly connected with ensuring of national security.

Interpolitex 2019 Statistics

372 domestic and foreign companies and organizations from 8 countries of the world took part in Interpolitex 2019.

More than 20 000  experts from 98 countries attended INTERPOLITEX 2019, including 49 official delegations.

25 000 sq. m. — the total exhibition space of INTERPOLITEX 2019.

11.jpg of the exhibitors are satisfied by the results of the exhibition

12.jpg of the exhibitors you managed to find new potential partners or customers

Live demonstration program sets the INTERPOLITEX exhibition apart from the other military-technical salons. The Exhibition demonstration program includes practical demonstration of combat and operational capabilities of various types of weapons, military and special-purpose equipment and machinery designed for equipping special police and army units, demonstration exercises of the Russian Ministry of the Internal Affairs special forces units including elements of hand-to-hand fight, hostage release actions of anti-terrorist groups and other elements of counter-terrorist activities.


Competition Programme

Each year Ministry of the Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and other national power-wielding agencies conduct a special campaign based on the results of the exhibition for testing of various products which were displayed at the exhibition for further use in their work and activities.

Products presented by the exhibitors for National Security Contest are awarded  the gold medal ‘Guarantee of Quality and Security’ as well as the Diploma of Laureate of International Contest ‘National Security’.