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"RUБЕЖ" is the first Russian industry lifestyle magazine on the topic of safety. The mission of the journal is to look at the security market through the eyes of the readers. The magazine tells about the life of the industry and what happens around it. In addition, "RUБЕЖ" is a permanent participant of Russian and international exhibitions, public forums, conferences.

Official Information Partners is the B2B portal for Aerospace and Defense Industry with database containing more than 4000 companies and 3400 defense industrial sectors.

лого.jpgBRICS Business Magazine

BRICS Business Magazine is a bookazine – a book-like magazine – addressed to global investors, business executives, politicians, and experts. A business and humanitarian publication on rapid-growth markets, it is issued four times a year and explains how to understand others. The goal of the project is to organize a direct information exchange between the BRICS countries and other emerging markets, to help bridge communities, guide investors and lead nations. The magazine is published in two language versions – English and Russian.
The Chairman of the Editorial Board is Ruben Vardanyan, entrepreneur and philanthropist, cofounder of the RVVZ Foundation, cofounder of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Member of the Boards of KAMAZ, SIBUR Holding, United Grain Company and other corporations.

180x95 logo.pngMY DEAR DRONE

A free, original and best community to know everything from news, reviews, guides and much more about drones.

22-proektant.png"DESIGNER" is a leading international online resource 

"DESIGNER" is a leading international online resource created by the designers to their colleagues and technical specialists:

Monthly online resource "DESIGNER" is visited by approximately 525 000 of users who make more than 840 000 page views. Daily attendance of the project amounts to more than 18,000 unique users. -  forums for designers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan (14 international forums in different areas of design)  - website of designers of Belarus. - website of designers of Russia.  - website of designers of Kazakhstan. -  website of designers of Ukraine. 

180.pngINTERPOL World

“INTERPOL World is a global exhibition and congress platform that engages the public and private sectors in dialogues and fosters possible collaborations to counter future security challenges.  INTERPOL World Exhibition will showcase cutting edge technologies, equipment, tools and innovative solutions from 300 international suppliers and manufacturers.  More than 9,000 public security professionals and commercial buyers from around the world will convene in Singapore to find and forge mutually beneficial alliances leading to faster and more accurate responses to global security threats”


180х95.pngJournal of Problems of Risk Analysis 

мчсмедиа.GIFUnited editorial board of EMERCOM of Russia

мчсзащит.GIFMagazine "Civil Protection"


Magazine "Fire service"

пожспас.GIFMagazine "Rescuer's helpful hints"

спасатель.GIF"Rescuer of Emercom of Russia"


Information and analytical magazine. Publishes on a wide range of problems against enemy air space and has no analogues in the world.

_реклама 180х92.jpgPublishing House «Ноt line-Telecom»

Publishing and distributing professional, educational, scientific and popular scientific literature in the fields of telecommunications, connection, television, radio electronics, IT, security and transportation.

Defence Industries - Logo.jpg

"In the realm of defence, where innovation is rapid, defence technology stands adept at conceptualizing unique ideas relevant to the B2B space. With services like search engine optimization, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, banner advertising and event marketing within our platform,  has created a recognition that spans over a global audience, thereby revolutionizing how businesses transact”.

безонасность.GIFJournal "Safety"

One of the best magazines on the Chelyabinsk security. The website contains interesting information related to exhibitions and more ...

Без имени-1.jpg

 "security algorithm"

нашбанер180-92.gifRussian information-analytical magazine "112 Unified Rescue"

дуфианце илдер.GIFDefense Leaders

Defense Leaders is an exclusive series of in-depth magazines and books aimed specifically at military and homeland security authorities as well as private sector professionals, including corporate security, competitive intelligence, financial and legal services, among other specialized sectors.

инфмост.GIFCompany «Information Bridge»

Web site with comprehensive information in the field of security.



вик.GIFmagazin WIK

кисом.GIFInternational special operation magazin K-ISON

мси.GIFMSI Defence Review "Refence of Turkish Defence Jndustry"

атенеа.GIFGrupo ATENEA

Spanish security and defence magazine and website. Worldwide defence news and events.

мирбез.GIFAnalytical Media Portal «World of Security»

Monthly full-color information analytical edition devoted to issues of personal and economic security.

авиациспорт.GIF“Aviation and Sport”

First published in August 2005 года. Business partners of the edition are the largest Russian and foreign air carriers

правнабез.GIFJournal "Law and Security"

The journal is included in the special List of Russian Scientific Journals, which have to publish basic scientific results of all Russian dissertations

точкопоры.GIFJournal “Tochka Opory” (Pivot)

Edition related to problems of energy, oil and gas, building industry and securityти.

бди.GIFJournal "BDI" (Vigil)

Edition for professionals in the field of security with current information on security market.


Publishes two magazines - «ARMS» and «ARSENAL» in English and Russian languages.

советпрез.GIFInformation Analytical Edition «President Adviser»

Edition is sent to the Kremlin, to Government and President Administrations, State Duma and Council of the Federation Of the Russian Federation.


Portal of safety and security systems

Internet portal with information on safety and security systems.

частнохранник.GIFJournal "Private Security Guard"

Professional security industry journal. Covers the latest market tendencies and touches upon social and political issues

впк.GIFNewspaper «Military Industrial Courier»

The newspaper covers the events in military-industrial complex of Russia and other world countries.

мирибезопасн.GIFJournal "World and Security"

Published since May 1995 each two months. Circulation – 10 000 copies.


Positive experience of the magazine published in two parallel languages- Russian and English, as well as appendices in English to all main aerospace shows.

независимое.GIFNewspaper "Independent Military Review

One of the largest Russian periodicals devoted to actual issues of social, political and cultural life in Russia and abroad.

кес.GIFkes online

– The Information Security Journal. The is intended for Austrian, Swiss and German IT Security specialists and managers responsible for the safety and security of computer systems and networks as well as telecommunications installations.

алмуссал.GIFALMUSALLH Journal (Libia)

Information partner of security exhibitions.

объедмвд.GIFUnified Editorial Board of the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior

Main editorial task is to support and promote information policy of the Russian Ministry of the Interior.

ехромар.GIFExpomap.Ru is a well-known Russian web portal devoted to trade shows, conferences and related services. Its database includes more than 30,000 exhibitions held in Russia, the CIS countries and worldwide. The user-friendly well-designed Expomap web portal provides an effective retrieval system, a choice of different exhibition services, business consultancy and advice, regular online-support, latest market data and news and related articles.


Journal "Nation’s Arsenal"

Nation’s Arsenal Magazine accurately reports on issues concerning the latest developments in Russian Military-Industrial Complex and Armed Forces. It regular provides information support for the State policy in military development and advanced industry growth. The editorial team of the magazine consists of high-ranking military commanders, veterans, active Top Managers and specialists of Military-Industrial Complex. Nation’s Arsenal is a magazine with experts in the pivotal areas shaping today’s business landscape: defence economics and pricing, military conflicts and risks, science and technology, manufacture and manpower.

секур.GIFRussian portal security

Russian portal security

спецтехника.GIFMagazine «Special technics» 

Professional science magazine "Special technics" publishes the articles and information about special technics for security, about the problems of informational security and counter-terrorism.

защинфр.GIFMagazine «Informational security. Inside»

Magazine «Informational security. Inside» is the one and only Russian informational-methodical magazine in the field of informational security. The magazine is published 6 times a year and covers the most interesting events and news from IT security.


Internet portal - the first in the field of security systems. The website unites security specialists as well as a wide range of different informational resources. News and online daily updates from all over security world.

азия.GIFAdvertising agency “ASIA”

Advertising in business and industrial media in Kazakhstan.

тех и оруж.GIFMilitary website


Specialized resource which helps to diffuse information about high-technology, integrated products and services in business environment by means of modern video telecasting technologies on the Internet.

межтрослевой альманах.GIFINTER-BRANCH ALMANAC

Almanac comes with 2005. The edition features the new technologies and developments, innovative solutions, particularly regional production, discusses issues of industrial safety industries.

инженерипромыш.GIF"An engineer and industrialist today"

The magazine talks about working on the development of high-tech production. Geography Publications edition covers the regions of Russia, CIS and other foreign countries. Thematic focus of the work of a variety of economic sectors, which are the foundation of an intellectual work, creativity and talent of scientists, engineers and industrialists.

вопростылобеспеч.GIFJournal "Problems of logistics"

Journal releases 000 "Center of assistance programs MIA" - an organization founded in 2005, veterans of military journalism to support the information, analytical and methodological support of the police officers.

сторадже.GIFStorage News

The first printed edition of a specialized branch in Russia and the CIS region, issued since 2000 The main theme of the magazine: big data analytics, cloud services, the security of the storage and data access, protection from leaks, optimizing storage, deduplication, ensuring availability and disaster recovery, virtualization storage and integration with hypervisors; SAN and converged network storage (FC / FCoE), WAN-accelerator, a specialized data warehouse (DW) for BI / BA etc.


“Rosinformburo” is a new analytic news agency, registered as an electronic media. Priority fields: politics, national economics and industry, military-industrial complex, army and navy, other military structures, military history. “Rosinformburo” – information that unites.

рждпартер.GIFThe RZD-Partner International

 The RZD-Partner is the leading transport business edition in Russia The main objective of the magazine is to meet the information needs of transport market players and guide the readers through the major events and trends of the sector.

крылья.GIFNational Aviation magazine "Wings of Motherland"

National Aviation portal "KR-media"

The Krylya Rodiny (Wings of Motherland) magazine is a monthly publication, with the first issue dating back to October 1950. At present the magazine’s circulation is 8000 copies. The main task of the magazine is to inform the reader about the current state, prospects of development and problems of aviation in Russia and world aviation.

велт.GIFThe Publishing House «VELT»

The specialization: issue of scientific and informational and also scientific and practical publications of medical themes, books and scientific and popular manuals.

техносфера.GIFAdvertising & Publishing Center

Advertising & Publishing Center is: 1. Publisher of scientific and technical magazines: "Electronocs:NTB"- the unique scientific and technical magazine which in a complex covers electronics problems; "Nanoindustry" - the leading edition about nanotechnologies and nanomaterials; "Analytics" - is devoted to modern analytical chemistry; "Photonics"- dedicated to all types of optical systems, to their components and technologies; "The last mile"- complex presentation of items and problems concerned with organization of global information networks.; 2. Book publishing house, which issues scientific, technical and educational literature; 3. Advertizing agency of a full cycle

корабел – the Internet portal for seamen, the crewing agencies and shipping companies.








JSC «Internavigation RTC»