Official references about the exhibition


about-ofic-1.jpg... Within the time of existence, International Exhibition for Means of State Security Provision “Interpolitex, as well as International Specialized Exhibition of Border Protection and Security “Granitsa” have gained well-deserved authority and recognition among specialists. Every year at the display there is a wide range of high-tech and innovative developments of Russian designers, researchers and engineers. Their practical implementation greatly contributes to technical re-equipping law-enforcement agencies and special services, which activities are directly connected with ensuring national homeland security. And in the first place, it is connected with the struggle against international terrorism, organized crime and protection of state borders…

V. Matvienko


I am sure that during the exhibition and various events held within the framework of its program there will be put on display new up-to-date means of security, achieved positive results in solution of tasks of assistance to formation of national defence order, expansion and widening of international sharing of experience in development of science and technologies….

S. Ivanov


…Interpolitex should be considered as an important and timely event. The events taking place within the frameworks of the Exhibition demonstration program are efficient form of development of military and technical cooperation between Russia and foreign states. Having already become traditional the Exhibition permits its participants to solve a wide range of advertising and promotional tasks, which fulfillment will affect the technical equipment of defence and law-enforcement structures and bodies, promotion of national military and specialized products on the international arms markets…

D. Rogozin


Exhibition Interpolitex by right has gained well-deserved authority and recognition among domestic and foreign professionals, has become recognized site for business communication and conclusion of mutually advantageous contracts. And this is natural as Russia with her colossal scientific and technical and intellectual potential, rich traditions of scientific schools is reliable and worthy partner for implementation of the most promising high-tech projects.

N. Patrushev

about-ofic-5.jpg…Ensuring state security is the priority task of the law-enforcement structures, and that’s why the Exhibition participants will hold in the centre of their attention the issues of improvement of the existing system of public security and further development of interaction and cooperation between manufacturers and users of the special-purpose technologies and equipment.

Having in mind the up-to-date achievements of our scientists and their foreign colleagues in the field of scientific and technical research, organizers of the Exhibition display the latest developments in the field of special-purpose technical means and facilities permitting more effective solution of the tasks posed before the special services and law-enforcement bodies.

…The Exhibition will assist to consolidate efforts of all state security ensuring bodies and agencies in their struggle with the international evil…

V. Kolokoltsev


The goal of each state is maintenance of law and order, reliable protection of constitutional rights and liberties of the citizens, their lives and health. Creation of the efficient system for successful implementation of this task requires consolidation of efforts of all law enforcement bodies and agencies, research institutions, industrial enterprises. To my mind hat is one of the main goals of the Interpolitex.

V. Kuleshov

Vladimir_Kylishov_(2013-15-08).jpeg"The exhibition demonstrates the scientific and technical achievements of domestic manufacturers in the field of armament, military and special equipment. And it also provides Russian enterprises-developers and manufacturers of special equipment and weapons with ample opportunities for showing promising developments and sharing best practice"

V. Puchkov

about-ofic-7.jpgThe exhibition gives to the Russian companies – designers and manufacturers of special technical facilities and armaments wide opportunities for demonstration of their advanced developments and sharing of experience; demonstrates high scientific and technical potential of domestic manufacturers for shaping and practical implementation of departmental research and engineering policy in the field of development and creation of armaments and special technical equipment; contribute to the efficient fulfillment by the corresponding agencies their tasks of ensuring national security.

S. Gerasimov


The exhibition is unique in terms of its profile and composition of exhibitors, demonstrating modern approaches to armament and technical equipment of law-enforcement agencies, other ministries, agencies, services and nongovernmental bodies, whose activity is related to fighting terrorism. and organized crime, elimination of consequences of terrorist acts, natural and anthropogenic catastrophes, protection of national borders, to ensuring personal and business safety and security.

A. Fomin


"Contributing to solution of the most important and strategically important task of all countries i.e. ensuring security of the state and its citizens International Homeland Security Exhibition Interpolitex from year to year is becoming more and more outstanding and actual exhibition event in the world, demonstrating up-to-date approaches to maintaining stability in the society, fighting terrorism and international crime".

V. Pronichev


…Exhibition has proved to be a real Russian ‘testing ground” for display of achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers, working in the field of special technical facilities and armaments, used for border security. Taking into consideration the experience of the previous exhibitions one can state that expositions of up-to-date technical means of border protection is of great interest not only to the experts of the Russian Federal Border Service but to the representatives of other Federal executive authorities and national security, defence and law enforcement agencies fulfilling tasks in the sphere of national security of the Russian Federation...

Yu. Chaika


… Participants and guests of the exhibition have a unique chance to get acquainted with new developments in the field of police and military technical equipment, protection systems, up-to-date technical systems for processing, transmission and protection of information as well as establish useful business contacts.



… Only having the effective material and technical support of the Ministry of the Interior units, carrying out tasks of ensuring public order, protection of property and personal security, we may hope for successful results in this important work. International Exhibition of Means for Provision of State Security INTERPOLITEX»» has taken well-deserved place among other similar professional forums. It provides a unique chance for meeting to designers, developers, manufacturers and users of up-to-date special police and military equipment, wide possibilities for market monitoring, establishing new contacts and concluding new trade deals…

S. Shoigu


…The Interpolitex International Forum is very important and well-timed event. The multifunctional activities in the field of ensuring safety of population and territories can not be based on the current needs but should have a purposeful program concept to achieve positive changes…

…Interpolitex is an excellent opportunity for demonstration of domestic and foreign innovations in the sphere of ensuring homeland security, an opportune ground for establishing contacts between developers and potential users of high technologies…

Y. Borisov

about-ofic-14.jpgThe exhibition is by right considered as the one of the largest in Russia and Europe events and allows successful solution of advertising and marketing tasks, which greatly contribute to technical equipment and re-equipment of power structures of Russia.

V. Ozerov


International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision “Interpolitex” is a traditional well known exhibition event, which displays up-to-date achievements in the sphere of high technologies and special equipment.

I.A. Yarovaya

about-ofic-16.jpgDuring all the time of its existence Interpolitex has acquired a well deserved reputation and from year to year gathers more and more designers and manufacturers of up-to-date armaments, military and special purpose technical equipment, specialists from the core ministries and agencies. It has become a site for constructive dialogue directed to struggle against criminal offences, international crime and to prevention of terrorist acts, a place where experts discuss key recommendations on equipping units of law enforcement agencies and other national power-wielding structures.

V. Vasil’ev


Interpolitex exhibition makes possible integrated use of achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers in the field of special technical means and armament for equipment of law enforcement bodies and security agencies. It is especially important in present situation, as these new technical developments permit more effectively reveal and localize terrorist threats.

S. Chemezov


I believe the exhibition will be effective event as the characteristics of items of special equipment and armaments displayed at the exhibition are on the level the most advanced technologies and some of them do not have world analogues.

N. Bordyuzha

…Actuality of the Interpolitex Forum is highly appreciated in the states – members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, firmly standing on positions for need to consolidate joint efforts in creation of common system of collective security, first of all, for fighting threats of terrorism and drugs ...

V. Zolotov


Internal troops as high-readiness force taking an important place in ensuring internal security of the state have to closely follow the development of up to date weapons, military and special technical equipment, including the articles, which are presented at International Exhibition “INTERPOLITEX”. In the first place we are interested in special and protected vehicles, individual protective gear, communications and video surveillance tools and device as well as nonlethal weapons and special means for recon and special tasks units.

G. Kornienko 

about-ofic-21.jpgThe exhibition is unique in its subject area, composition of the participants demonstrating up-to-date approaches to armaments and technical equipment of law enforcement bodies and agencies, national power structures, which activities are directed to struggle against criminal activities, to protection and strengthening of public security, maintaining stability in society and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

M.T. Kalashnikov

about-ofic-22.jpgInterpolitex has by right won international authority among domestic and foreign specialists and now is undoubtedly unique ground for demonstration of up-to-date technical achievements of both domestic and foreign manufacturers of means for provision of national security and for signing of mutually beneficial contracts Each year at the exhibition, are displayed dozens of new innovative products, which can in future be used by law enforcement bodies and security services.

A. Novikov


It is within the framework of the Interpolitex exhibition users and manufacturers of modern special technical means and facilities have a chance to compare their characteristics, to discuss most urgent problems related to transfrontier crime, international terrorism, to organize practical interaction and cooperation in the field of law enforcement work and its technical support.

G. Zuganov


Since 1995 the Interpolitex Exhibition has become the traditional event, which firmly holds its position of the unique security forum each time bringing together the key players of the homeland security market. Not many exhibitions – not only in Russia but in the whole world – can be proud of such longevity. This became possible only due to hard efforts of the Exhibition Directorate and all staff of Exhibition Companies Group “BIZON”

V. Zhirinovsky


…Ever growing interest to the Interpolitex exhibition is a real evidence that participants consider this event as a very good chance to establish new business contacts, consolidate their positions on the market, meet a great number of potential customers and prospective partners, get acquainted with competitor’s products and developments…

S. Mironiov 

about-ofic-26.jpgInterrpolitex has won a noteworthy reputation and now has become the event of federal importance among the exhibition events in the field of ensuring national security. 

B. Aleshin


International Exhibition Interpolitex will give domestic and foreign enterprises a chance to demonstrate to representatives of Russian and foreign power structures battle and operation capabilities of their products, will become a real practical step to further development of cooperation between Russia and foreign states in the interests of peace, stability and international security, to profound cooperation between manufacturers an users of special technical equipment

B. Gryzlov


…International Forum “Interpolitex” has won well-earned reputation on the part of professionals as well as on the part of manufacturers of special and military equipment as one of the best specialized forums of police equipment in the world. This is confirmed by the steady growth of Russian and foreign participants as well as official guests and visitors of the Forum…

V. Fedorov

…The exhibition is the most exactly reflects the process of development and manufacture of special technical equipment used in struggle against crime, that’s why it is oriented on professionals and allows specialists to become informed about the latest achievements of domestic and foreign special police equipment. At the same time the exhibition provides the opportunity for the Russian Ministry of the Interior specialists to work for procurement directly with companies-manufacturers…