Participants of the exhibition have the opportunity not only to demonstrate ready-made solutions for implementation in integrated security systems for various urban infrastructure facilities but also to exchange their opinions with experts and perform constructive dialogue with developers, manufacturers and consumers of security equipment and technologies.

Profile sections:

· Information technology and communications.

· Telecommunication technologies and networks.

· Infocommunication infrastructure.

· Mobile communication, mobile content, mobile TV.

· Telecom operator services.

· IT-services, system integration, IT-outsourcing, IT-consulting.

· Information systems.

· Software products and services.

· Data processing centre (Data centres).

· Security and protection equipment.

· Access control and management.

· Security and fire systems.

· Engineering and technical protection means.

· Transport security.

· Industrial safety.

· Rescue and emergency techniques and equipment.

· Information protection. Protection of personal data.


Exhibition exposition: demonstration of the results of fire safety activities and rescue equipment, formation of specific proposals for improving the mechanisms for collaboration between government authorities, the main developers of scientific and technical products, manufacturers and consumers to enhance the promotion of modern fire and rescue equipment and products to the Russian and foreign markets of security systems and equipment.


· Fire-fighting equipment.

· Fire-fighting systems and fire-insulation materials.

· Automated control systems, information systems, complexes and communication equipment.

· Alarm and warning systems.

· Evacuation and life-saving solutions in case of fires.

· Design, construction, production, certification and operation of fire prevention and firefighting equipment and systems.

· Regulatory-technical and legal documentation of fire-fighting state of objects and control solutions.

· Staff training, investment projects.

·Fire safety scientific and technical achievements.

· Safety of mines and tunnels. 


· Reconnaissance solutions: radiation, chemical, bacteriological, engineering.

· Equipment for emergency and rescue operations.

·  Specialized vehicles.

· Utilities.

· Life Support Equipment.

· Personal protective equipment.

·  Communicators.

· Emergency monitoring and forecasting.


· Means of immobilization and displacement of victims, equipment and devices of extreme medicine.

· Equipment and supplies, preparations of extreme medicine.

· Means for primary resuscitation.

· Means of therapy and prevention.

· Mobile medical laboratories and hospitals.

· Protection against weapons of mass destruction.

· Deactivation.

· Control and protection systems.

· Notification systems and information technology.

· Blood service (transfusion medicine and therapeutic use of blood components), donation.

· Special medical transport.

· Medical kits and emergency packages.

· Special medical furniture.

· Diagnosis and medical care systems.

· Emergency training services, information and training materials, dummies.

Exhibition of police equipment DIGITAL POLICE

The exposition is unique in its profile range. It demonstrates innovative developments and proven solutions that contribute to the technical re-equipment of law enforcement agencies and special services.  

Profile sections

· protective and special equipment;

· non-lethal weapons and means for impact on offenders and forcing them to comply with law and order;

· communication and management tools;

· energy provision;

· technical means of inspection, search and surveillance;

· life support equipment for law enforcement and military officers;

· information technologies;

· forensic technologies;

· equipment for operative investigative activities;

· means of countering intelligence equipment;

· special transport means;

· road safety systems and tools;

· unmanned systems and robotics;

· special equipment, means for carrying out emergency rescue operations;

· automated systems for detecting pathogenic biological agents in the environment;

· technical means of protection;

· information security tools and systems;

· automation means and systems;

· radio-electronic components and materials;

· video surveillance equipment;

· metrological support of law enforcement agencies activities.

Exhibition "ANTITERROR"

The Russian Guard exposition is one of the key thematic sections of INTERPOLITEX aimed at contributing to the modernization, reequipment and upgrading of the with state-of-the-art weapons and systems.

The Russian Guard exposition is organized by the Federal Guard Troop Service of the Russian Federation. 

2.1. Counter-extremism armament and military equipment: Automotive vehicles: Motor cars. Buses. Cargo trucks. Multi-purpose army trucks. Special-purpose vehicles. Towline transporter tracked vehicles. Towing equipment. Multi-purpose trailers and semi-trailers. Multi-purpose container bodies and van-bodies Maintenance, repair and recovery mobile equipment and systems. Armoured vehicles and materiel. Armoured personnel carriers. Other types of armoured vehicles and materiel. Other types of special-purpose vehicles and systems (including robotic systems).  

2.1.2. Artillery systems: artillery systems.

2.1.3. Aircraft systems and aviation assets: Helicopters. Multi-purpose aircraft and aerial vehicles. Unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Air dropping, air landing and units inserting means, equipment and systems. Rescue and survival means.

2.1.4. Naval vessels, armaments and equipment: Low tonnage surface ships. Naval auxiliary vessels. Naval vessels. Naval vessels and coast garrison force armament and weapon systems. Automated navigation, target designation and communication means and systems. Simulation, test and training systems.

2.1.5. Radiation, chemical and biological weapon protection systems: Radiation protection technical systems, equipment and materials. Chemical protection technical systems, equipment and materials. Biological protection technical systems, equipment and materials. Radiation, chemical and biological survey means, systems and equipment. Decontamination means and equipment. Incendiaries and smoke agents. Miscellaneous. 

2.1.6. Engineer equipment, technical facilities, means of protection: Engineer weapon systems Engineer technical equipment and systems Engineering tools and equipment Engineer assets for personnel and materiel protection


2.2. Military electronics

2.2.1. Tele-communication equipment and communication systems:

2.2.2. Laser equipment and optoelectronics

2.2.3. Global and local positioning systems, communication and control systems

2.2.4. Electronic detection systems

2.2.5. Image processing and representation systems

2.2.6. Electronic countermeasures (ECM) systems

2.2.7. Personal call and control systems

2.2.8. Training systems and assets

2.2.9. Control and repair facilities

2.2.10.Power-supply sources and systems

2.2.11. Primary power supply sources

2.2.12. Renewable power supply sources

2.2.13. Conversion, transmission and electric power distribution systems

2.2.14. Stationary, mobile, towered, portable and built-in secondary power-supply sources

2.2.15. Radio communication means and facilities, automated communication systems

2.2.16. Other types of military communications radioelectronics equipment.

2.3. Logistics and rear services support:

2.3.1. Resources’ provision: Military uniform, gear and equipment supply. Subsistence support (alimentary and water-treatment products, utensils and kitchen appliances).

2.3.2. Transportation means and services: General-purpose transport vehicles. Special-purpose transport vehicles. Petroleum products and lubricants. Auxiliary equipment.

2.3.3. Law enforcement agencies medical and health services support: Military-medical examination and assessment of professional and psychological suitability. Personnel selection techniques. healthcare system. delivery in emergency situations, natural and man-made disasters and military conflicts. medical and psychological follow-up. institutions and convalescence homes material and technological facilities and infrastructure. resort treatment and rest. healthcare and medical aid services. Emergency medical aid services special-purpose equipment. Specially fitted casualties transportation and immobilization facilities. medical equipment. Health and medical innovation technologies. Appliances for emergency medicine. Minimally invasive technologies. Prophylactic-epidemiological agents. Emergency medicine medical supplies. Special nutrition and nutritional supplements. equipment, instrumentation and diagnostics. Functional diagnostics and testing. X-ray radiography. Ultrasonic and ultrasound equipment. Laser equipment and devices. Instruments and appliances. Medications. Advanced and innovation medical and healthcare technologies. Primary healthcare. Laboratory medicine (test-systems, laboratory and diagnostic medical equipment, laboratory furniture). Medical expendables, suture materials, medical wear, treatment and personal hygiene products. Design and comprehensive fitting of hospitals, physician’s offices and consultation rooms, healthcare institutions and sanatoria. Equipment and facilities for cleaning and disinfection, sterilization and storage of sterile instruments and appliances. Medical furniture. Cutting-edge medical and health information technologies. Medical scientific-research and educational institutions. Specialized literature for advanced medical courses and training.

2.3.4  Fire, environmental safety, veterinary surveillance and inspection appliances and devices: safety devices. Ecological safety devices. Veterinary supervision, surveillance and inspection appliances.

2.3.5. Other types of safety provision appliances.

2.4. Weapons, tactical gear and optics.

2.4.1. Small arms: Guns and pistols. Assault rifles. Rifles and shotguns. Submachine guns. Grenade launchers. Silencers.

2.4.2. Ammunition and handling equipment  for ammunition disposal: Mines. Grenades and round.s Cartridges and cartridge belts. Gun powders. Explosives. Signal and illumination devices. Ammunition handling and disposal equipment. Sights, target designators, collimators etc. Military man tactical and fighting gear. Arms care means and appliances. Shooting simulators, equipment for shooting galleries and other training facilities. Arms conceal and carry gear. Miscellaneous.

2.5. Combat and service training:

2.5.1. Simulators.

2.5.2. Testing, shooting range, proving ground equipment and facilities.

2.5.3. Shooting galleries.

2.5.4. IT appliances.

2.5.5. Computerized training systems.

2.5.6. Control and monitoring systems and facilities.

2.5.7. Training and simulation systems and facilities.

2.5.8. Individual self-instruction and self-training aids, programmes and facilities.

2.5.9.  Custom-built and specially prepared classes, testing and shooting ranges, proving grounds.

2.5.10.Combat training regulatory and guidance and process-control and management solutions.

2.6. Robotic systems:

2.6.1. Military robotic systems.

2.6.2. Special-purpose and dual-use robotic systems.

2.6.3.Control systems: operation – power units -simulators.

2.6.4. Mission equipment mounted on robotic systems.

2.6.5. .Telepresence robots.

2.6.6. .UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, copters, drones, gliders).

2.6.7.Swarm intelligence robots, distributed intelligent, interconnection, network and training systems.

2.6.8. New types of self-generated power-supply units.

2.6.9. Regulatory and guidance and process-control and management solutions.

2.6.10. Projects featuring unmanned robotic systems.

Goals of the Federal National Guard Troops Service exposition

1. Contribution to the re-equipment, modernization and technical upgrading of the Russian Guard units.

2. Demonstrating the consolidation of the public authorities, experts from the national guard units scientific-research and educational institutions, civil society organizations and associations, business circles and media in the matter of national security provision.

3. The formation of positive public opinion on the activities of Russian Federal Guard Service units as well as shaping the opinion of the public on the level of the Russian Guard technical equipment as well as promoting of military-patriotic upbringing of the younger generation.

4. Contribution and assistance in the establishment of business contacts and enhancement of internal as well as external cooperation ties between special-purpose armament, systems and equipment designers, manufacturers and suppliers of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. 

Tasks of the Federal National Guard Troops Service exposition

1. Organisation of the full range state-of-the-art Russian-made special-purpose weapons, systems and equipment display in order to demonstrate the full potential of the manufacturers of the Russian Federation in this field.    

2. Inspection and monitoring of innovations as well as advanced developments and solutions in the field of special-purpose weapons, systems and equipment with the aim of provision of national security.      

3. The creation of favourable conditions for business communication encounters and networking between designers and manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of the cutting-edge special-purpose weapons, equipment and solutions, as well as for the sharing of experience in the domain of highly-qualified personnel training and graduate programmes.

4. The provision of the participation in the exhibitions and tradeshows of the Russian Federation international partners in cooperation that concerns countering terrorism, extremism and other forms of crime.

 Federal National Guard Troops Service section scientific and business programme

1. Scientific and business programme of the Federal National Guard Troops Service thematic section will feature joint conference of the Russian Guard Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation named ‘Prospects of Development of the New Generation Special-Purpose Armament, Equipment, Solutions and Systems’. The conference will gather the leading manufacturers of the special-purpose weaponry and systems as well as experts of the  Federal National Guard Troops Service units.

2. A number of workshops, round tables, presentations, business meetings and negotiations will be held within the framework of the business programme.

3. The reports and theses of the Russian Guard section scientific and business programme will make part of digest of the INTERPOLITEX business programme.

Exhibition "Border"

Exhibition “Granitsa” is justly regarded as Russian “testing ground” for display of achievements of domestic and foreign manufacturers working in the field of development and creation of special technical equipment and armaments used for protection of the state borders.

Exposition of the up-to-date technical means and facilities for national border protection attracts keen interest of not only specialists of the Border Service of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service but of the representatives of other Federal executive authorities and bodies and agencies working in the sphere of ensuring national security of the Russian Federation.

· Border security technical equipment and facilities:

o    Radar stations.

o    Alarm and anti-crossing systems.

o    Means of communications and warning.

o    Optics and optoelectronics (systems and devices).  

· Coast guard vessels:

o    Weapons and armaments for coast guard vessels.

o    Technical and special facilities for coast guard vessels.

·  Technical systems and facilities for border and custom control:

o    Technical facilities for checking document validity.

o    Technical facilities for vehicle checking and vetting.

o    Personal identification systems (including biometrics).

· Technical systems of border security and protection, life support systems for border troops and posts:

o    Security and fire alarm systems.

o    Perimeter defence systems.

o    Life-supporting infrastructure.

o    Multipurpose power generating pants.

· Automated control, communications and data transfer systems for border troops and agenciesк:

o    Automated control systems.

o    Systems of communications and information transfer.

·  Armaments, means of personal protection and special-purpose equipment:

o    Armaments and armored protection facilities.

o    Special-purpose equipment.


· Engineer installation and barrier works.

· Aero-space surveillance systems (from satellites to UAV).

· Complex, track and wheel vehicles.

· Miscellaneous.

· Canine service.


Unmanned robotic systems:

· Military and dual-use robotic systems.·          

·  Command and control systems -operation -powerplants-simuators.

· Robotic sytems purpose-designed equipment.

· Telepresence robots.

· UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles/copters/drones/gliders). 

· Swarm robots, distributed intelligence, interaction and training systems.

· New types of self-generated power-supply systems.

· Regulatory and guidance and process-control and management solutions.

Projects featuring unmanned robotic systems


18.jpg of the visitors are interested in technical means and facilities for  border protection

19.jpg  of the visitors are interested in special transport vehicles

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Business program

· International Conference of the Border Service of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service “Main Direction of Technical Development of Border Troops and Agencies of the CSTO Member-States”.

· Conference of the Russian Agency for Provision of Necessary Facilities for State Borders of the Russian Federation.

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Exhibition Organizer:

скачанные файлы.jpgBorder Service of the Russian Federation Federal Security Service

Exhibition is organized with the support and assistance of:

• Coordination Service of the Council of the CIS Member-States Border Troops Commanders;

• Russian Agency for Provision of Necessary Facilities for State Borders of the Russian Federation

Exhibition "CUSTOMS"

Exhibition of technical means of access control and inspection CUSTOMS.

Exhibition profile:

X-ray television inspection equipment:

- x-ray television inspection equipment for luggage and mail control

- x-ray television inspection equipment for control of medium and large cargo contents

- mobile x-ray television installations

- portable x-ray television installations

Fluoroscopic inspection equipment. Inspection equipment for thorough control of hand luggage and mail.

Inspection and examination complexes for control of trucks and containers.

Search tools:

- portable metal detectors

- stationary metal detectors

- search mirrors

- search scope

- technical videoscopes

- inspection probes

- long-range inspection lights

- short-range inspection lights

- inspection lights of special purpose

- contact microscopes

- magnifying glasses with illumination

- luminescent magnifying glasses

- portable television inspection systems for visual inspection of hardly accessible places


Means of applying and reading of special marks:

- fluorescent markers

- UV irradiators and flashlights

Inspection tool:

- sets of tools for group use

- sets of tools for individual use

Technical means of subsurface sensing:

- radar sensing devices

- technical means of remote detection of narcotic and explosive substances

- search devices

- handheld x-ray scanners for detecting hidden compartments

Technical identification means:

- technical identification means of precious metals

- technical identification means of gemstones

- technical means for authentication of customs documents

- portable banknote detectors

- stationary banknote detectors

- devices for banknotes verification and counting

- material identification devices

- general-purpose detectors for identification of precious metals and gemstones

- magneto-optical devices for identification and detection of falsifications of vehicle unit numbers

Chemical identification means:

- chemical means of express analysis of narcotic substances

Technical means of investigation and documentation in cases of smuggling.

Technical means of control of audio and video information carriers.

Visual surveillance systems.

Optical equipment and devices:

- binoculars

- night vision devices

- night vision systems

Weighing equipment (load scales):

- precise load scales

- electronic load scales with a weighing limit of up to 3 kg

- electronic load scales with a weighing limit of up to 150 kg

- load scales with a weighing limit of more than 150 kg

- truck scales

- railway scales

Technical means of customs control of dividable and radioactive materials:

- special technical means of customs control of dividable and radioactive materials

- combined technical means of customs control of dividable and radioactive materials

- individual technical means of radiation security provision.

Exhibition of crime investigation technologies CRIMINALISTICS

The exposition of forensic equipment is held for the purpose of wide-scale demonstration of the achievements of national and foreign manufacturers in the field of creation of modern samples of criminal investigation technique and analytical equipment used by security agencies in the interests of state security provision, medicine and science industry development. The exhibition provides an optimal platform for the exchange of experience between experts in the field of criminalistics, analytics and security agencies.

Profile sections

· Handwriting, technical and forensic examination of documents.

· Ballistic, dactyloscopic, trasological examinations.

· Research of cold arms and throwing weapons.

· Examination of materials, substances and products.

· Soil-botanical, mineralogical and environmental examination.

· Phonoscope, linguistic, authorship, computer examination.

· Radio, photo, video and portrait examination.

· Psychophysiological research of a person using a polygraph.

· Autotechnical, explosion and fire technical examination.

· Biological, medical-forensic, biomedical, pharmacological and olfactory examination.

· Economic, commodity research, construction and technical examination.

· Reagents and expendable material for laboratories.

· Mobile diagnostic laboratories.

· Tactical gear and special clothing.

· Load scales and weighing equipment.