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Hytera Co., Ltd

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (SHE:002583) , a leading designer and manufacturer of professional mobile radio communications equipments, is dedicated to bringing most valuable and customized solutions to clients across the world. We offer complete and customized communication solutions to government, public security, utility, transportation, enterprise & business for higher organizational efficiency.

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The Hiton design bureau was founded in 1993. The main backbone of the team was made up of design engineers with extensive experience in the military-industrial complex and communication design bureaus.

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Information Security Center

Information Security Center is one of the leading companies in Russia specializing in the field of information technology security.

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The main spheres of the activity of Shvabe are the development and serial production of optical and laser systems and complexes, modern optical materials and technologies, science-intensive medical equipment, aerospace monitoring and Earth remote sensing systems, instruments for scientific research, energy-saving lighting equipment, nanomechanics, and other high-tech products. The range of products produced by the enterprises of the company exceeds 6,500 items.

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Shchelkovskaya shelkotkatskayafabrika

"Shchelkovskaya shelkotkatskayafabrika" for many letyavlyaetsya supplier to a number of leading companies in Russia, the Ministry of Defence and the Interior, the neighboring countries.

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Crystaltechno Ltd

The company manufactures both standard catalog products and custom optical components for a wide range of wavelengths from 193 nm to 50 microns, from different kind of optical crystals, glass and fused silica, with or without coatings. The main direction - crystals grown in own growth equipment and optical components from them; infrared IR optics and also optics of visible and ultraviolet range: windows, plates, optical polished domes, lenses, prisms (RAP, ATR prisms and other), wedges, filters, mirrors, lightguides, laser optics and blanks, all made from different optical materials.

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ENICS JSC performs design, production, operation and repair of aerial target systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), ground launch units, aviation jet-propulsion engines for UAV, aviation self-contained radio navigation systems, gyro-stabilized optical systems

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ER-Telecom Holding

ER-Telecom Holding implements in practice today IoT solutions for our clients, both at the E2E “end-to-end” level and at the level of the online data transmission medium on its own IoT network to the client's systems (AI, ML, BigData, etc.).

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