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JSC "ECOTECH" is an innovative Russian manufacturing company whose main focus is the production of electrical products

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Crystaltechno Ltd

The company manufactures both standard catalog products and custom optical components for a wide range of wavelengths from 193 nm to 50 microns, from different kind of optical crystals, glass and fused silica, with or without coatings. The main direction - crystals grown in own growth equipment and optical components from them; infrared IR optics and also optics of visible and ultraviolet range: windows, plates, optical polished domes, lenses, prisms (RAP, ATR prisms and other), wedges, filters, mirrors, lightguides, laser optics and blanks, all made from different optical materials.

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Eltex Communications

Eltex Communications is the official dealer of the Eltex plant, the largest Russian manufacturer of telecommunications equipment.

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ENICS JSC performs design, production, operation and repair of aerial target systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), ground launch units, aviation jet-propulsion engines for UAV, aviation self-contained radio navigation systems, gyro-stabilized optical systems

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ER-Telecom Holding

ER-Telecom Holding implements in practice today IoT solutions for our clients, both at the E2E “end-to-end” level and at the level of the online data transmission medium on its own IoT network to the client's systems (AI, ML, BigData, etc.).

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Unicart Trade

Unicart Trade - speed measurement complexes

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