Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let us inform you that from September 20, 2019 you can apply for accreditation to International Exhibition of Homeland Security Interpolitex 2019.

This year apart from the traditional visit to the exhibition Interpolitex organizers offer to journalists and mass media representatives two special press tours.

“On the Eve of Event: Pre-opening preparations” – Date: 21 October 2019. Venue: VDNH Exhibition Centre, Pavilion 75.

In case you wish to take part in these events please, complete the Accreditation Form indicating the required date: 21 October correspondingly.

For additional information please address Mrs. Oxana McChristian, Tel. +7 495 937-40-82, e-mail:

Application for Accreditation IP 2019.doc


General TERMS OF Order of ACCREDITATIONfor representatives of mass media at 23th International Homeland Security Exhibition“Interpolitex 2019

Article 1. General Conditions

1. Accreditation of the representatives of mass media is carried out according to the Russian Federation Law “On Mass Media”.

2. The ground for examination of the issues of accreditation of the representatives of mass media is the written application for accreditation signed by the head of the Media.

Article 2. Order of Accreditation

1. In order to get an accreditation of the representatives of mass media at the Interpolitex International Exhibition the head of the corresponding mass-media should forward a written Application for Accreditation addressed to the Exhibition Directorate. The Application should contain: the name/title of the Media, name and family name of the head of the corresponding mass-media, registered and actual addresses of the Media, name/family name and position of accredited representative(s). Any other accreditation cards and press identity cards would be recognized as invalid.

2. Accreditation will not be given to the advertising agencies and editions or other advertising bodies. Publishing houses can get accreditation only for representatives of separate belonging to these houses editions on the ground of their own separate applications printed on the edition’s letterhead.

3. The number of the accredited journalists representing the edition or the media is not limited. Technical personnel, working with the accredited journalists does not get any accreditation and carries out its duties according to the agreement with the Exhibition Directorate Press-Service.

4. Decision on accreditation is made by the Exhibition Directorate only in case if the Media obeys the requirements of the order of accreditation. Decision on accreditation is brought to the Media’s notice by the Head of the Exhibition Press-Service.

5. The accredited journalists are issued special passes or badges. The passes are issued by the Exhibition Directorate Press-Service upon the presentation by the accredited journalists their corresponding ID’s or other documents verifying their identity and credentials. The pass is valid through the whole period of work at the Forum.

6. The pass is nullified in case the journalist loses his accreditation as a result of violation of the present Order.

7. Press-Service is entitled to refuse accreditation without any explanations.

Article 3. Rights and Obligations of the Accredited Journalists

1. The accredited journalist has a right:

· Of free access to the site of the Exhibition;

· To receive all information packages and press-releases allocated for representatives of the mass-media;

· To be present at all events taking place within the framework of the Exhibition except those requiring separate or individual invitations;

· To make all kinds of notes, audio and video tape recordings, filming and photographing at the site of the Exhibition except when the opposite is specified by the acting laws and present Terms and Conditions;

· In coordination with the Exhibition Directorate Press-Service to receive additional information in the form of comments, explanations or interpretations of corresponding officials.

2. The accredited journalist is obliged:

· To obey requirements of the Russian Federation Law “On Mass Media”;

· To verify credibility of the received information;

· To honor the rights, lawful interests and business reputation of the organizers, participants and visitors of the Exhibition and respect the honor and dignity of their officials;

· While making audio and video tape recordings, filming and photographing at the Interpolitex exhibitor stands to obtain a permit from the manager of the corresponding stand.

Article 4. Order of Publication and Demonstration of the Materials

1. Further publication of photo materials in printed or electronic form, demonstration of video tapes should be accompanied by the reference attribution, i.e. the International Homeland Security Exhibition Interpolitex .

2. It is forbidden to use taken film, photo and video materials in the context, which can cause commercial or moral damage to the organizers and/or participants of the Exhibition.

3. Journalists should obligatory and without fail hand over the copies of materials published by their editions to the Press-Service of the Exhibition.

23rd International Homeland Security Exhibition “Interpolitex 2019” is held in Moscow in the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre VDNH, Pavilion 75 from 22 to 25 October 2019 according to the Decree of the Russian Federation Government № 1140-р of 19 Juny 2015.

The Exhibition is organized by the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian Federal Security Service, Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation and in the capacity of the exhibition operator is Exhibition Companies Group «BIZON».

For more detailed information please address to the exhibition web site  or contact Exhibition Directorate – Exhibition Companies Group BIZON

Telephone: +7 (495) 937-40-82