Exploring Parameters of the Future

"SAY FUTURE: Parameters of the Future" will present the All-Russian brain storming platform based on 20 thematic blocks identified by the Government of the Russian Federation in connection with the main spheres of public activity, said Mr. Nikolay Marichev, Executive Director of the Say Future Project.

Among these directions: security, economy, employment and labor, finance, the state, family and children, health and medicine, social aid and assistance, education, science, society and culture, housing and cities, transport and communications, energy, industry, agriculture, ecology , law and justice, regional development, Russia and the world.

"Speaking about the future, about the positive impact on its parameters, we must thoroughly study and imagine the existing problems, growth zones, risks and priorities," explains Mr. Marichev. The directions chosen by us for research, in analogy with the rubricator of the Government's activity, mainly depend on the global economic situation, politicians. At the same time, for my part, I am sure that an unblurred and fresh view of representatives of the civil society and profile experts can be of interest and useful to both broad public and rather more limited audience of key decision-makers. I emphasize that we do not give any political assessments, but on the contrary, we try to help to generalize the views and suggestions of people about the future in various spheres of life. "


Nikolai Marichev said that the Say Future team is currently continuing to collect the necessary materials, both through public opinion surveys and through the in-depth expert interviews.

The press had already received resonant information about data related to schools and the trends of the future education, transport and ecology issues raised by the SF initiative.

At the same time, the key theme of the Say Future Platform 2018 is the security and safety technologies of the future.

"It's no coincidence that the very first block in our rubric deals with security issues," Mr. Nikolai Marichev explains. At the same time, all the subjects are interesting to us, I am sure that the report with the generalized research data will be left in the public domain and we will even try to insert there a special function of making corrections to the presented document."

As a result, the organizers plan to prepare their proposals on various topics for the Government, the Presidential Administration and the State Duma.

Let’s remind that "Say Future: Security" Platform (www.say- future.ru) for the first time will be held in Moscow on October 24-25.

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