INTERPOLITEX places special focus on tactical gear


A separate thematic display section called ‘Tactical Gear Centre’ will be arranged within the framework of the 20th anniversary exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX 2016.

Tactical Gear Centre comprises more than 60 producers of tactical and combat gear, survival devices and tools as well as other auxiliary aids and equipment.

Tactical Gear Centre gives the unique opportunity of direct contact with the producers and acquire the goods at ‘exhibition’ prices.

Tactical Gear Centre represents world-famous brands of mass-market production and small-scale production companies that specialize in made-to-order piece goods and craftwork articles.

Tactical Gear Centre offers both standard camouflage and innovation technologies and solutions with regard to outfit, gear and battle suits as well as individual equipment.

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The principal display and events held within the framework of INTERPOLITEX exhibition are arranged and implemented in the interests of the law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. The target audience includes representatives of private security companies, hazardous occupations, such as industrial climbing and rescue operations. Nevertheless, Tactical Gear Centre will spark interest not only among the representatives of law enforcement agencies, but also among  enthusiasts of extreme sports from orienteering to strikeball, fans of hunting and fishing as well as any kind of person who is into the ‘military style’ and who considers it to be everlasting classics.

‘It was last year that we held a separate stand-alone thematic display section for the first time. It proved to be a success and aroused keen interest among manufacturers and visitors. The number of exhibitors in this display section has increased more one and a half time. We are positive that Tactical Gear Centre will attract new audience and this will ultimately have a positive impact on the total exhibition attendance rate and will serve the interests of INTERPOLITEX stakeholders’, said Mr. Nikolay Marichev, Executive Director of ‘Bizon’ Exhibition Companies Group (ECG ‘OVK ‘Bizon’) while commenting on the Tactical Gear Centre stand-alone display section. ‘Bizon’ Exhibition Companies Group is the organizer of INTERPOLITEX exhibition.
A number of conferences, round tables and live demonstrations of equipment on display will be held within the framework of the display aspect of the INTERPOLITEX exhibition.

You are most welcome to visit the thematic display section of Tactical Gear Centre that will  be arranged within the framework of INTERPOLITEX-2016 exhibition due to be held from 18 to 21 October, 2016 in the territory of VDNH All-Russian Exhibition Centre in Pavilion No 75, Moscow.

INTERPOLITEX 2016 Press Service 

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