MyGenetics will present at SAY FUTURE:Moscow Forum within «INTERPOLITEX—2019» a DNA-test to increase productivity


MyGenetics will present a DNA-test, which allows evaluating cognitive and psycho-emotional human traits and coming up with the individual brain exercises.    

At International Exhibition INTERPOLITEX—2019, held 22-25 October, MyGenetics company will display its new product MyNeuro — a genetic test, showing how the genes function, influencing dopamine, serotonin and noradrenalin body systems. 


The results of such test will help to come up with individual recommendations to improve psycho-emotional condition, raising productivity, lifestyle habits correction, preventing stress and emotional burnout.

Based on DNA analysis results, a personal report containing nutrition recommendations, individual exercises program to train memory and mental performance is formed.

The booth of MyGenetics will be located at the start-ups demo zone, where everyone can see the DNA-test MyNeuro as well as other products of the company.

Also within SAY FUTURE Forum on 23rd of October at 16:00 the session, presented by СЕО and Co-Founder of MyGenetics, Vladimir Volobuyev, will take place. The expert will share his insights on up-to-date possibilities of the gene research and the development of this trend in the nearest future.  


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